Care1st Avondale Resource & Housing Center

Care1st Avondale Resource & Housing Center

Family Education Resource Program

For Families with Children Birth through Five

A program for parents to provide the resources and information needed to promote school readiness and overall well-being at no cost. The Avondale Family Resource program strives to expand parenting skills, fortify the family unit and provide a foundation of early childhood education by working directly with families and connecting them to the resources available to them. This family friendly program includes parenting workshops, early literacy activities and more. Our goal is to work together to build strong, healthy and well informed families.

Workshops Include:

Family Education Resource Program
  • The Magic of Reading with Young Children
  • Prenatal Parenting: From Beginning to Birth
  • Brain Development in Infancy and Early Childhood
  • Attachment in Infancy and Early Childhood
  • Understanding and Enhancing Young Child Development
  • Selecting a Quality Child Care Environment
  • Young Children and the Importance of Play
  • Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drug Prevention for your Young Children