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Electronic Prior Authorization or e-PA is now available through COVER MY MEDS for all providers and lines of business (Medicaid and Medicare). Click Here for Cover My Meds

Cover My Meds

Care1st covers prescription medications and over-the-counter medications when prescribed. Care1st does not cover all medications and not all medications are listed on the Preferred Drug List (PDL). Some medications do have prior authorization, quantity limits or STEP therapy. If a medication is not listed on the PDL, it may be covered if medically necessary but will require a prior authorization for review.

Finding your medication(s) on the Drug List – click the link below:

Care1st Health Plan Arizona Comprehensive Searchable PDL Tool
  1. Enter the name of the medication(s) that you are looking or select one of the classes listed to look for your drug
  2. Click the name of your drug and formulary status and any restrictions are identified
  3. The drugs on formulary are selected by the drug plan and health professionals. The formulary drugs are then verified by a Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, consisting of independent physicians and pharmacists.